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Our Commissioning Engineers have a wealth of expertise in the commissioning of Electrical and Mechanical Plant, Equipment and Systems.

With our own software department we are able to provide full software support throughout commissioning.

Our knowledge has been gained from providing years of innovative, cost effective solutions in the Water and Wastewater, Energy, Food Production, Brewing and Distilling and HVAC industries. Knowledge that can be applied directly to your issues and your industry.

Case Studies.

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Case Study No 1 - Commissioning Pumping Station.

Following installing a new pumping station onto a remote Scottish island we were then required to commission it.

Detailed documents were drawn up for all of the equipment and our engineer tested each of the items recording the results on the sheets.

We now have records which show us how the equipment was performing when the plant was brought into service, along with setpoints, parameters and particular setup menu's, for instrumentation and drives.

Case Study No 2 - Commissioning Process Instrumentation.

Our customer had a requirement to keep detailed records of the performance of their process monitoring equipment, to comply with food standards regulations.

This required that a number of temperature sensors be calibrated and the measurements displayed on the chart recorders and the SCADA be verified and recorded during the calibration sequence.

Our engineer drew up a schedule for these instruments and calibrated them using a UKAS Certified Temperature Calibration Bath, along with a UKAS calibrated 4-20mA Current Source.

The work was programmed to minimize disruption to the process and all of the sensors were calibrated.

Our customer now has calibration records that are traceable back to international recognized standards.

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Technologies Used.

Druck Calibrators.

We have a range of calibrated Druck calibrators that we can use to test plant instrumentation.

A calibration certificate can be supplied if required.

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