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Electrical design of all types of electrical systems from simple isolators to industral control panels.

Our Electrical Engineers offer Industry leading Electrical designs to our clients. Our Engineers have access to state of the art design equipment, allowing us to produce Innovative, Efficient and Cost Effective designs.

We have highly qualified, dedicated staff who have many years of experience delivering systems complying with the latest regulations and legislations such as BS7671.

Our team has a proven ability to produce systems with reduced overheads and timescales; savings we proudly pass on to our customers.

We use amtech ProDesign and SingleCable to perform circuit cable calculations and Microsoft Visio with Electra electrical design add on packaged to produce our electrical drawings.

Case Studies.

Case Study No 1 - Food Processing.

We were asked to provide a cold water system for a food processing application which used chilled water to maintain product at a stable low temperature. Their old system used a fixed speed pump with manual valves which caused allot of wastage due to them being left open and the pump running continuously.

The first thing we did was upgrade from a single pump to a two pump system. These new pumps were on variable speed drives which enabled us to only pump what was required. They were configured duty assist so the second pump would start when the first pump could not supply the required flow.

We replaced the manual valves with six electrically actuated valves,each with its own local control box. Timers would close the valve after a fixed time so that they could not be left open.

This helped the customer due to the much more efficient pump control and reducing wastage of the chilled water.

Case Study No 2 - District Heating Control System.

Our customer needed a new controls which would integrate into the existing heating system to provide control of their new biomass boilers.

Working closely with the mechanical engineers we designed and built four control panels, one for each of the buildings.

The end user can now control the heating for their complex automatically.

Case Study No 3 - Remote Monitoring System.

It was necessary to monitor water quality at several remote locations in the Highlands. None of these locations had a mains power supply.

Using the power requirements of the instruments we investigating options involving wind and solar power before we decided that, due to the short nature of the study, we could supply batteries that would power the instruments for the duration of the test.

Our customers were able to show that their new water treatment works were performing as required.

Case Study No 4 - Panel Refurbishment.

Following deciding to put a moth-balled plant into service we were asked to check the control panels and bring them into line with current standards.

Our initial investigations showed up some problems with the original design. The method used to control the pumps was no longer considered acceptable practice and a new system was required.
There was also additional instrumentation needed to accommodate a change in the control philosophy.

We had the control panel shipped back to CSS works where we could perform all the required modifications, test the panel and produce an updated set of drawings.

The pumping station was brought into service with the new control system.

Technologies Used.

Amtech Software.

We use amtech software for our cable loading calculations. This ensures we use cable which is up to the code.

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