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Design, Build and Commission

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Commissioning and testing of HVAC and Air Flow systems.

Our proven ability to Design, Build and Commission Boiler control systems allows us to be a key competitor in this market. All our systems are highly efficient, thanks to our Fluid Flow Analysis, allowing optimum performance and better returns.

We have highly specialised air flow monitoring equipment, which enables us to balance a ventilation system to a client’s specification. Our services can provide clients with an Air Flow Certificate should this be required for Building Legislation.

Case Studies.

Case Study No 1 - Commission Ventilation System.

Our customer needed their ventilations system balanced in order to provide effective ventilation throughout their building.

Our engineer adjusted the flow for each of the vents to ensure that the required flow was achieved.

We provided a test report that demonstrated the ventilation system was performing as required.

Technologies Used.

Micro-manometer / AccuBalance.

This equipment is a multi-purpose electronic air balancing instrument for taking air volume readings at grills and diffuses. It has optional probes which allows for increased flexibility.

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