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Case Studies Technology Used
Our mechanical design team will help with assessment and specification. Solving problems with experience and knowledge.

Our highly skilled Mechanical Engineers have access to the latest technologies such as 3D Printing, CAD and Structural Analysis Software. These technologies, along with our experience ensures we are one of the Leading Mechanical Design Houses in the Highlands.

We can provide clients with a full suite of Mechanical Drawings, including; P&ID’s, Plant and Equipment Manuals, Test Data and Calibration Certificates.

Case Studies.

Pressure Vessel

Case Study No 1 - Pressure Vessel Design.

A high pressure surge vessel had failed its routine inspection and a change in operations meant that a replacement vessel could be smaller.

We designed a new surge vessel capable of withstanding the pressures and which met the new requirements of the process. We oversaw the manufacture and testing of the pressure vessel finally getting it approved by Lloyds.

The new pressure vessel was able to be dropped into the same location as the original without having to change any pipework or modify any of the existing plant. This saved both money and time.

Lloyds Certificate

Technologies Used.

AutoCad Inventor.

We find inventor to be a great tool. It is used for 3d design, conceptualiseing and developing new ideas and products.

Autocad is also useful for producing detailed drawings of complex mechanical components so we can get them manufactured by third partys.

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