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Local Supply of Quality Control Panels

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Bespoke Control Panels built to current best practice for a wide range of industries.

We design and build any control panel to suit any requirement.

We design and build Motor Control Centres and Motor Starters to any specification, including Direct on line (DOL), Star-Delta, Soft starts, Inverter driven or intelligent motor control. Our Process Control Systems, Motor Starters and Motor Control Centres are also available with on-board PLC control systems.

Our advanced modelling techniques allow us to develop innovative control philosophies, offering clients more efficient, optimised and intelligent control.

Case Studies.

Case Study No 1 - School Biomass System.

Our customer was installing a biomass boiler into the main school building. Heat from this was distributed to the outlying buildings to be used in preference to their existing gas boilers as this heat was cheaper to produce.

We designed and built control panels to be installed into each of the school buildings. These control panels would govern the local heating.

Our automatic system measured temperatures throughout the heating network and provided the most efficient mix of biomass and gas heat to ensure effective heating at the lowest cost.

Technologies Used.

Adjustable Torque Screwdrivers.

Our control panels are built to a high standard therefore we use adjustable torque screwdrivers. This ensures safe and secure connections and prevents damage to the terminal screw.

Test Panel.

In order to give your panel a meaningful test before delivery we have our own test rig designed to simulate all common process inputs and outputs.

It has a multi-pen chart recorder, current source, various power supplies and it also monitors all power usage.

Visio Electra.

We use Electra, which is a add on to Microsoft Visio, to produce our electrical drawings.

Electra has many tools which help us to create our drawings. This enables us to produce them more quickly allowing us to pass on a cost saving to you. We normally supply drawings in both pdf and autocad format as many customers find this convenient.

We also use autocad for producing drawings when required.

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