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Industrial pump systems are one of our specialities and we will be able to provide a full range of services from specification to repair.

Our engineers have a vast knowledge of all types of pumps, their operation, and the ways to reduce running costs and create significant saving on maintenance and electrical running costs.

Having the benefit of software, electrical and mechanical design departments in house, we are able to design a cost effective bespoke system which fulfils all your requirements and if required can be operated via a VSD (Variable speed drive) or utilise a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) all of the pump systems we supply are fully tested and come supplied complete with test certificates and an O&M manual.

If your system requires a new pipe to be laid, we can do a hydraulic calculation and provide advice on the pipe type, diameters, pressure rating, and the types of air valves, pressure reducing or sustaining valves to use. We will also provide technical information on how to correctly lay in the ground to conform to the regulatory authorities requirements.

Having worked in the water utility sector for many years we have designed numerous dosing systems for injecting chemicals into a process stream. Using flow proportional control with additional trim derived from the process measurement, we can provide very accurate dosing solutions and if required we can trend the results on a chart recorder or a SCADA.

Being the sole distributor of the ZDS range of borehole pumps in Scotland, and with a 2 year no quibble return policy, we are experts in sizing the pump, the filtration media, pressure vessel and the borehole cap. If electrics aren’t your thing then give us a call and we will design the electrical circuit and price for installing all of the equipment if required.

For more information on domestic or industrial pumps and equipment, please visit "The Highland Pump Centre".


Case Studies

Case Study No 1 - Full System .

The client required a pumping station that could provide a flow rate of just over 1l/s and at a pressure of 14 bar. The pumps had to be efficient in their operation and the status of the plant had to be visible via telemetry.

The pumps that we selected were a multistage centrifugal type rated at 25 bar and we used ABB ACS 550 inverter drives to provide the variable frequency control.

It was important that the pumping station was engineered to always pump unless it had a catastrophic failure, so we used an IFM pressure transducer to monitor the discharge pressure, with a standby instrument as a backup. In the event that the pumps lost suction pressure, a pressure switch was installed to protect them both. On the pump discharge we installed an ABB Watermaster flowmeter and this not only provide a 4-20mA signal for data logging and control, but also monitored if a non return valve was open by detecting a reverse flow.

With the mains electricity supply being temperamental during the winter months, we designed the MCC (motor control centre) so that a standby generator could be plugged in to operate all of the equipment.

A GRP fire retardant building was designed to an extremely high specification, to withstand the high winds expected in the Highlands of Scotland. Inside a removable bulkhead was installed that prevented water jets impacting on the MCC (Motor Control Centre).All of the electrical domestic circuits were wired and appropriate IP rated switches, sockets, lighting and distribution equipment was installed.

A telemetry outstation was installed and this provided real time data on the status of the plant to the client in his office.

The site was handed over on time on budget with a complete set of O&M manuals.

Case Study No 2 - Pump Skid .

We were required to produce a pumping system which would allow easy installation into the customers premises.

We designed a skid containing all the required components, pressure tested the fittings and calibrated all the instrumentation. Testing at CSS works indicated there was a problem with some of the valves. This was rectified before the skid was shipped to site.

The working skid was then shipped to site where it was installed on time.

Click here to see our slide show "Birth of a Pumping Station".

Technologies Used.

Programmable Logic Controllers.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are the mainstay of industrial automation we use these in complicated pumping applications where many factors influence when and at what flow rate the pumps need to be driven.

We have used these these to control complex pumping stations and water treatment works

Variable Speed Drive.

If you want to control the speed of a pump a variable speed drive (VSD) is the first choice. The speed of an AC motor is governed by the mains frequency, in the UK it is 50 Hertz, a variable speed drive is able to change that frequency and therefore can change the speed of the pump.

We use VSD's to control the flow or regulate the pressure in a system. We have used these in applications where we make adjustment to accommodate for changes in demand.

PID Controllers.

Proportion Integral Derivative (PID) controllers have become an important part of the process control industry. With a relatively simple and well understood algorithm we can create excellent performance in most applications.

These controllers rely on feedback from a sensor. In a pumping application a pressure sensor in the pipe will be used to vary the speed of the pump using a VSD. This will then maintain a constant pressure within the system.

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