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We are able to offer a complete package of from site surveys to design and installation of telemetry systems.

Our experience, gathered over numerous projects and using a broad range of equipment, enables us to offer valuable advice personally tailored to your specific needs without being biased towards any particular supplier.

We are able to provide a total solution to your telemetry needs. From assessing the current situation and offering cost effective solutions to installing and commissioning your new equipment.

Case Studies.

The first step in providing a solution is to first understand the problem. We conduct a thorough site survey taking measurements as appropriate in order to gain a full understanding of the requirements and potential problems with the project.

We then look at all the products available and select the most appropriate for your installation. Weighing the costs and benefits of the different options and offering a solution which will meet your changing requirements for years to come.

Our installation teams can quickly and efficiently fit and commission your new system following the current best practice and meeting all your requirements.

This will ensure that the equipment is installed in a position which will make the best use of the capability of the system.

Finally, we make sure the new system interfaces with your site automation and control systems drawing on our IT and automation experience to ensure an effective integration.

We offer a manufacturer's warranty on all our systems ensuring peace of mind.

Technologies Used.

All Major Suppliers.

We are not tied to any suppliers and so are able to choose all the products on the market for your application.

Over the past few months we have used products from Lee Dickens, Westermo, Black Box and Paxnet.

Knowledge of Environment.

We have conducted long term studies of various aspects of radio telemetry which has given us an insight into the performance of radio systems.

Analysing data gathered over weeks has shown us exactly how different conditions have affected the performance of a failing telemetry system. This indicated exactly what the root cause of the issue was, enabling us to offer a solution which would address it.

Network Testing.

We have equipment which we can use to analyse a radio network. This goes from the standard signal power measurements to developing specialised tools to test your whole telemetry system.

In the past we have generated traffic in order to stress test a radio link to demonstrate its performance. Other situations have required us to place a 'wire tap' into the network to discover what exactly was happening. This required us to develop software to record and analyse the data.

Technologies Available.

Aerials: Omni, Yagi or dipole in UHF or VHF

Interface: Discrete, Ethernet or Serial

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