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Solutions for the water industry based on our long experience and broad skillbase.

With decades of experience working in the Water and Wastewater industry, our company delivers first class service to our clients, ensuring complete peace of mind.

From filtration to UV disinfection and chemical dosing we have provided water treatment systems throughout the highlands. Our experience ranges from single properties to sophisticated systems providing clean water for whole communities, or dealing with their waste.

With support from our process control and instrumentation specialists we can offer a complete solution. This goes from project conception to design and build through to installing and commissioning your equipment on your site. This leaves you with a fully integrated system operating at peak efficiency.

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Case Studies.

Case Study No 1 - Waste Water Treatment.

Our customer had a fixed rate dosing system which dosed a set amount as soon as it detected any flow.

We fitted a flow meter which gave a 4-20mA signal proportional to the flow. This signal was used to control the speed of the dosing pump. This was chosen over a more complex system controlling both dosing pump speed and stroke length in order to reduce costs. The increased accuracy that this would give was judged not to be required for this application.

Now the system only uses the amount of expensive dosing chemicals required by the flow. As well as reducing cost this is better for the biological systems downstream of the dosing.

A Sample Trace from the Telemetry System.

Case Study No 2 - Remote Monitoring.

A rare storm event was causing problems for one of our customers so they approached us to supply a video monitoring system at a remote station.

We selected a weatherproof camera with night vision capability and where necessary we uprated the connections to IP65.

Tests showed that motion detection was not going to be reliable in this application so we decided to run the camera continuously. This created the problem of storing the large amounts of data generated. We did some analysis to discover the most appropriate quality settings for the video files as this governed their size. We calculated that the 30 days of video would require 315 Gigabytes (Gb) of storage so we opted for a 500Gb system, providing a good safety margin.

The network video recorder (NVR) was to be located inside one of the building and distance to the camera was to far for a reliable wireless connection. A wired connection was used, this was judged not to be a problem as a wire was already required to power the camera and the signal cable could be adequately screened so the cables could be combined.

A low voltage power supply was used for the camera, we chose this option in order to reduced safety concerns.

The customer knew the time and date that the event occurred and by using the catalogue system, could easily select the relevant video footage.

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